Buying Guide: What happens after you’ve reserved your new build.

You’ve finally found your perfect house and reserved it and are eagerly awaiting that set of shiny new keys, but what do you do next?

The Financial Details

Once you’ve reserved your new build it would be a good time to appoint a solicitor or conveyancer. They’ll deal with the legal side to your property purchase and choosing one with experience in new-builds would make it as simple as possible for you. They’ll make sure that everything is on the right track between you and the developer and negotiate the completion date, when you can get your keys. Most importantly, they know what to look out for, so they’ll make sure the journey to your new build home is a smooth one (although it nearly always is anyway!). To make things even easier for you, at Russell Homes we have a list of recommended solicitors to help you on the way to your new home.

The Mortgage

While your solicitor/conveyancer is dealing with the sale process, you’ll be applying for a mortgage. If you need, we’ve got a recommended list on hand of new build mortgage specialists to help you with your application. You may also be required to have buildings insurance in place at this time, so we recommend you get started on that too, using a price comparison site to secure the best deal you can.

The Exchange of Contracts

Next is the exchange of contracts, you’ll be legally committed to buying the property, and they’ll be legally committed to selling it to you. It really is that easy.

Except for having the keys, it’s now officially all yours.

The Move (Also known as the fun part…)

The big day is here and you’re getting the keys to your lovely new build. Typically, the house builder and your solicitor will try and get this completed as quickly as possible so you can head to the development and start moving in.

Provided all monies have been transferred and everything is in order, this should go nice and smoothly. Your solicitor will call you once the keys have been released, then it’s all systems go and you can collect your keys as soon as you are ready.

All that’s left is to move in and enjoy your new home, welcome to the Russell Homes family!