Is Buying a New Build a Good Investment?

We may be biased, but for us there are so many reasons to consider a new build investment over an existing property.

Here, we share our five reasons to choose a new build home…

Saltersford Gardens Holmes Chapel
Saltersford Gardens Holmes Chapel

1. Move into a brand new home, tailored to you.

A new build property is a brand new home, which has never been lived in. From the moment you choose your plot, your home is tailored to your exact requirements. From the kitchen surfaces, to the taps in your bathroom, this home is all about you and your taste in decor.

So, say goodbye to taking off the bright green wallpaper the previous occupant put up, or chiselling away at the ugly bathroom tiles they chose, because with a new build you’ll move into a home where you have chosen all of the decor before you move in.

2. New build homes are low maintenance

When moving home, usually you’ll need to take time off work, or make time at the weekend to enable you to paint bedrooms to your taste, fill in cracks in the walls or replace the rusty old oven the previous owners have left in the kitchen.

Not with a new build.

With a new build property, it’s like purchasing a fresh new canvas. There is no cracks, no dodgy wallpaper and there’s also brand new kitchen appliances, which have been placed in your kitchen by us as an added bonus.

Another bonus - if there’s an issue with your property and you find issues with drainage, foundations, stairs, glazing panes and many other issues which face a large bill - your property is guaranteed for 10 years under the NHBC Warranty.

The NHBC Buildmark is a 10-year new home warranty and insurance policy for new build homes. You get a guarantee when you buy an iPhone, so why not with your home?

3. The value of new build properties is rising faster than existing properties

In recent years, new build homes’ valuations have risen by 8.5%, where existing property value only increased by 2.9%.

Experts believe the reason for this may be the locations where developers are choosing to build on. At Russell Homes, a lot of care and attention goes into the reasoning behind the location of every new build estate we create.

Our new build developments are built in a variety of locations, to meet different buyers’ needs. Whether you’re looking for a calm and secluded rural area, or a town where there’s a lot going on, we’ve got you covered.

We have seen some really exciting price increases in some of our new build properties across the North West, and expect to see the same over the coming years too.

4. New build properties are more energy efficient (and cheaper to run).

In a three-bed semi-detached Victorian home, you should expect to spend approximately £1,670 on energy costs. Compare this to new builds, where an equivalent property size would usually cost approximately £780, you can see why people are opting to buy new.

The reason for this cost difference is simple, properties built in current times have to meet much higher standards when it comes to materials used, levels of insulation, glazing and more.

It’s not just a monetary benefit you get from a home that’s energy efficient either. We are passionate about improving our carbon footprint and don’t cut corners on ensuring our homes are as energy efficient as can be.

In a time where the energy we consume is more important than ever, being in a home which consumes much less energy is definitely going to be good for individuals who are making changes to improve the environment.

We could go on for another 1,000 words to shout about how great new build properties are, and how much our homeowners love their new builds when they’re in too.

Instead, if these five reasons haven’t yet convinced you, then maybe looking at the high-quality, exceptional new build houses to buy on our website at the moment will.

With stunning developments in Cheshire and Rochdale currently on the market, it’s a perfect time to purchase a Russell Homes new build.