Top 10 reasons to buy a new build home

There are so many reasons to choose a new build home. Here’s our top 10.

  1. It’s brand new

    No one has lived here before, no one has used the appliances or the shower, made marks on the carpet or little holes in the wall. There’s nothing to clean because everything is straight out of the box.

  2. It’s empty, a blank canvas

    You can start from scratch when it comes to decorating or laying out the furniture. Nothing’s been left behind that you have to lug to the tip and, because it’s new, you don’t actually have to do anything to it at all. Just move in, unpack and chill out.

  3. You can help design the look

    Russell Homes offers a “Designed for You” bespoke upgrades package, which allows buyers to choose some of the fixtures and fittings in their new home, from the tiles to the work surfaces and appliances.

  4. There’s no chain

    You’re buying from the builder so there should be no hold ups with a problem further along the chain.

  5. Peace of mind

    Russell Homes provides a standard 10-year structural guarantee with one of the leading housebuilding insurance companies.

  6. Latest standards applied

    Your security and fire safety systems are as up-to-date as can be, as are your appliances. With Russell Homes properties, integrated smoke alarms, fire doors and security measures come as standard.

  7. The green choice

    It’s more environmentally friendly than an older property, and therefore cheaper to run. Modern houses are better insulated, have more efficient boilers and appliances, there’s no drafts round the windows and doors, the heating comes on and goes off when the button is pressed. That all means more money in your pocket.

  8. Support for buyers

    New Build specific and ‘Green’ mortgages are available at very competitive rates. Russell Homes will also be able to recommend approved solicitors and financial advisors who can help with the legal issues and mortgage application.

  9. Designed for modern living

    New homes tend to have more than one bathroom, and often a downstairs cloakroom, plus open plan layouts which are better suited to families, not to mention additional plug points for the scores of gadgets constantly on charge.

  10. You can secure it right now

    Give us a call now on 0161 868 4326 to reserve your new Russell Homes property.