What is snagging and why is it important?

Your new house is built and the keys are in your hands but there’s a few things to do before you start to make it your home and our customer service team is here to help every step of the way.

Your new Russell home has been built in accordance with NHBC guidelines. Before you get your keys, the build is checked by our rigid QA inspection at each stage and signed off by the NHBC Building Inspector.

We carry out further inspections on completion of the build process and invite you to a new home demonstration where you will have an opportunity to highlight any issues which you would like us to address, this is what’s known as a snagging list. We will endeavour to rectify these minor issues before you legally complete on your property so that everything is perfect for when you move in.

Despite our rigorous process, some things do not always get picked up straight away and you may not notice them until you have moved into your new home. But don’t worry, we will arrange a courtesy visit from the site manager approximately 14 days after legal completion to check.

Following that visit our customer care team will look after you during the first 24 months of occupation which is the period your property is covered under warranty with Russell Homes. So if you do spot anything after moving in we will visit during this time either with our skilled maintenance technicians or via the original contractor, depending on the nature of the work required.

One thing that may make the snagging list is shrinkage, which is perfectly normal, especially in a house of timber frame construction and during the winter months when the heating is on more. Other issues can relate, for example, to uPvc doors and windows which can drop with settlement and become difficult to open and close. There’s no need to panic as these are not structural issues, and our team is on hand to help. If the shrinkage gap is the width of a £1 coin or wider, we will arrange for it to be rectified for you.

Years 3-10 of the warranty usually cover structural issues and your warranty is held with the NHBC. If you need to ascertain if something is covered you can contact our customer care team or the NHBC directly for guidance. Customer Care can be reached via our email. We are here and happy to help!

As extra peace of mind, we also provide emergency cover for those occasions when you cannot contact us such as out of hours, weekends, and bank holidays, so you can rest easy knowing there’s always help on hand from Russell Homes. Cover is provided with Davies Group for emergencies relating to plumbing, electrics, security, and drainage. Details can be found on the flash drive given to you on the day of legal completion.

Your new build home comes with a total 10 year warranty, and a snagging list is just part of the process of purchasing a new build. We’re always contactable so if you have any questions at any stage, don’t hesitate to be in touch!