Why choose to buy on a new housing development?

Choosing whether to buy a property on a new housing development rather than an older property can be a difficult decision to make and there can be pros and cons to either.

New housing developments built by us offer more in the way of fixtures and fittings as standard, and with turf to both front and rear of the property as well as 6ft fences and outside taps as standard, you can be sure that you will be purchasing a property built to a high standard with as many extras as possible included.

Our housing developments are built using local subcontractors wherever possible, with 90% of the workforce used coming from the Greater Manchester area meaning that when investing in a property built by us, you are also investing in the local economy.

Purchasing an older property can mean more money being spent once you have moved in, either renovating, or redecorating, or fixing the boiler that was working fine when you made your offer. When you buy a property on a new housing development, you can be involved with the decoration as it is being built, and you are safe in the knowledge that all of the fixtures and fittings are brand new, chosen by you, meaning they are unlikely to cost you in repairs for the foreseeable future.

A new housing development is also more likely to have a community feel right from the start, as everyone moves in at the same time, with common ground such as the fixtures you have chosen. There is no worry about integrating with an already established community as you are all in the same boat.