Why invest in a new build property?

Choosing what to invest your money in is a big decision and new build properties can be a hassle-free option when looking for buy to let properties.

Older properties come with older fixtures and fittings, which can cost you as the landlord when it comes to maintaining the property. With a new build property, there will be no emergency phone calls from the tenants needing you to arrange for someone to come and fix the boiler that has broken down, again. Everything is brand new, right from the start, allowing you to start seeing your return on investment quicker.

Unlike older properties, new build houses come with a 10 year guarantee, meaning that if there is any issues in the first two years with the work we have done, such as an unexpected leak developing, then it is covered by us, which means you don’t have to worry about it. For the remaining eight years, any structural issues with the property such as the roof, chimney or load bearing parts of the floor are all covered, which is one less thing for you to worry about.

As there is no chain with a new build development, there is more security in this type of investment and there is no chance of you losing your money. You are not as likely to be kept waiting around because someone five houses up the chain has decided they don’t want to sell their property.

New build homes are built to the latest energy efficiency standards with EPC certificates, and therefore are cheaper to maintain, which is an attractive offer to any potential tenant. They are also likely to be in areas with high demand, which coupled with the houses being newer, nicer and in great locations, means it should be easier for you to start generating income from your investment quickly.