New Build Process

This is our step-by-step guide to the new build process. Each step is key to ensuring that from the initial blueprint to the moment you hand over your keys, you get the very best from Russell Homes.

Two story attached new build Russell Homes houses with red doors and shrubbery.

Preparing Development Land

Once all of the planning, permits and approvals are in place, it’s time to prepare the land to make sure it’s ready for the new build process. Civil Contractors create the new site access; infrastructure works which includes new roads and drainage. Newly laid Service mains such as Electrics, Gas and Water are co-ordinated and installed at this initial stage.

To allow for the practical necessities needed on a worksite the site accommodation is brought in. It is then equipped with drawings and safety equipment and the welfare facilities are set up for workers. Then material storage areas and workers carparks are completed in advance of the plot construction works commencing.

Laying the Foundations of Your Future New Build Home

For this phase, the first step is for groundworkers to install foundations that must be approved by building control and warranty inspectors at critical stages of the installation. This must all be approved before the build can progress.

There are various different types of foundations used which are specially designed and approved for the ground conditions of the development. Following on from the foundations being completed the new concrete ground floor (Slab) is installed. During this process any incoming and external drains, services, membranes and vents are co-ordinated and installed.

Building Your New Home

This is the most exciting part of the house build process, where you can see it begin to take form. The Russell process includes using the highest quality materials at all stages, and this stage is no exception.

We use timber, which is known for its durability through British building history and its ability to meet the needs of the future. Its enduring quality and craftsmanship are just part of the reason we use it. Timber is more sustainable, has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional house building methods, and has reduced waste meaning it falls in line with current environmental needs.

After the superstructure is completed, the roof and windows are installed to make the property watertight. Once this is done the Carpenters, Plumbers and Electricians commence the internal works. The Bricklayers start working on the external walls to complete the façade.

Turning It from a Shell into A House

There’s still a long way to go until the new build process is complete and ready for you to move in.

Upon completion of the brickwork the external scaffold is stripped, and the external works can begin. The main services are connected to provide the new property with power and water and such. The groundworks, including paving and driveways, are completed.

Internally the building inspector completes a check to confirm the build is ready for plastering where plasterboards and skimming is completed to form the new walls. Then new joinery, electrical and plumbing fixtures are installed followed by the kitchen and tiling.

Finishing Touches, Turning your New Build House into a Home

At this stage the property is ready for the final touches of new paint, floor coverings (if selected) and final cleaning.

This part is truly exciting because it’s the finishing touches to the house that will become your home. The walls you’ll hang family photos on are painted, countertops are fitted, fixings you have chosen are installed. All of these elements come together in a final fitting that creates the home you’ll be moving into and is one of the final stages of the new build process.

Beautiful Landscapes For Your Beautiful Home

The outside is just as important as the inside and should match the quality of your new build home. That’s why we work to enhance the environments we build in by adding green space and planting trees to ensure there’s beautiful landscape for you to take in.

For those of you interested in our new build communities you can find your Russell Home here.