Posted:25th September, 2022

A new build home will save you money on your bills

How owning a new home can give you a warmer feeling about energy bills and the environment this autumn

Cosy kitchen and lounge of an energy efficient new build home
New build homes offer energy efficient fixtures, fittings, materials and design

We all know energy bills are on the rise to unprecedented levels this winter, but owners of new-build homes are set to be better off than those in older properties – and they are doing their bit to combat global warming!

Homes such as ours at the Brook View development in Wincham, Cheshire, or the Stubley Meadows development in Littleborough, Rochdale, benefit their owners thanks to the extensive suite of energy saving measures incorporated in the properties’ build.

From 50 cm deep loft insulation and argon filled, low-emission coating double glazing units, to insulated external doors and A-rated condensing boilers, our new homes have been carefully designed with a view to environmental and sustainable living.

The Office for National Statistics* states that almost all homes built since 2012 have a high energy efficiency rating, compared with just 12% of assessed homes built before 1900, citing modern materials and techniques as the decisive factor.

A report earlier this year from the Home Builders Federation, showed that buyers of new build homes save on average more than £400 per household** on energy bills a year.

They are also helping to reduce the nation’s carbon emissions with almost 600,000 tonnes less carbon emitted than, “if last year’s new build homebuyers had chosen to purchase an older, less efficient property”.

The HBF report also states that on average new homes produce just a third of the annual carbon emissions produced by older properties – an estimated 2.4 tonnes of carbon a year.

In the year to September 2021, 84% of new builds had an A or B EPC rating for energy efficiency. Meanwhile that’s just 3% for older properties, which don’t have the modern insulation and energy saving materials and construction methods, reaching the same standard and 58% of had an efficiency rating of D-G.

The Home Builders Federation points out that new build properties offer lower running costs for all household utilities.

On average, new build purchasers save £395 a year on heating bills, £28 on hot water and £12 on lighting. The yearly household bill for owners of older properties in its study was £890, almost twice the annual bill compared to a new homeowner of £455.

At Russell Homes, we are doing our bit to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling and make sure your new build home measures up to the highest of standards.

With an efficient new boiler to heat the house and hot water, more efficient modern lighting and electricity systems, kitchens and bathrooms with industry leading water saving fixtures and fittings, modern plumbing and low heat-loss hot water cylinders, our new home owners can stay cozy and comfortable throughout the worst the British winter can throw at us.

Not only that, but green-minded new build owners can be reassured that all our timber is responsibly sourced, experienced ecologists have assessed and confirmed the ecological value of our sites, and landscaping includes bee friendly planting and natural wildlife areas.

It’s a simple equation. To save money on your bills and help to save the planet, choose a new build home with Russell Homes.

** Home Builders Federation Report: Buyers of new build homes save £112 million and cut UK carbon emissions by over 500,000 tonnes per year

The yearly household bill for owners of older properties in its study was £890, almost twice the annual bill compared to a new homeowner of £455.

— Homebuilders Federation