Posted:26th March, 2021

Bringing the inside outdoors

Around springtime, there’s always plenty of interior design tips for bringing the outside into our homes through floral patterns and our favourite house plants. Over the last year, it’s been more important than ever to get our outdoors fix from inside our homes.

However, as the sun starts to shine more often in the next few months, the world will begin to open again. We’ll be able to reunite with friends and loved ones outdoors, socially distanced, of course. This means it’s time to start thinking about taking the indoors outside for comfortable, homely socialising.

Weatherproof furniture

It’s no longer a plastic jungle or cheap looking tables and chairs that buckle under any kind of weight when it comes to outdoor furniture. From gorgeous wooden designs to intricate rattan styles, you can now find furniture that replicates the cosy indoors but with the added ability to withstand the unpredictable UK summer weather. You can also add in beanbags and hammocks for extra added comfort and flair, perfect for additional outdoor seating for gatherings and great for solo garden relaxing time with a book and fresh lemonade.

Colourful and cosy

The key to creating a blend between indoor and outdoor space lies in the decorative details. Soft furnishings are the easiest way to bring colourful cosiness into the space. You can get rugs specifically designed for the outdoors, which will nicely map out your seating area and bring in a splash of pattern. Durable blankets and cushions will bring comfort and can also be bought in similar or complementary colours to your interior colour scheme to enhance the indoor-outdoors vibe.


When you’re catching up with loved ones you don’t want sunset to get in your way, so you should think about lighting your space in the same way you do indoors. Strings of fairy lights can help add parameters to your outdoor space as well as giving some twinkly magic to an evening. If you’re short of a plug to use, you can always opt for solar-powered lighting too. They can vary from stems that stick into the ground and line a pathway, or you can get vintage-style light bulbs powered by the sun to hang in a nearby tree. There’s plenty available to compliment your space whatever design direction you go in.

Keep warm!

The lighting you’ve set up will help when the sun sets, but you’ll need to stay warm too. If your cosy blankets aren’t enough, there are outdoor heating options. The most eco-friendly choice is a fire pit – you can get temporary ones that require no building. Instead of burning wood you can opt for eco logs which is compressed recycled hardwood flour that doesn’t contribute to air pollution. They’re also made of stuff that would normally end up in landfill anyway. If a fire pit is not for you then make sure you’re thinking green and opting for an energy efficient electric heater, on average they produce considerably less Co2 than their traditional gas counterpart. There are ways to stay eco-friendly whilst also making sure no one catches a chill!