Posted:22nd August, 2022

Building homes. Building communities.

When we build a new development, we build more than just fantastic new build homes. We create a budding new community that you can be part of.

Greenbooth Village new build

With a great selection of new build houses in beautiful, vibrant parts of Greater Manchester and Cheshire – there’s a new community ready for you and your family to grow with. Read on to find out more about the advantages of a Russell Homes new build in one of our developments, and the great benefits of the new community that awaits you!

All in the same boat

Because they’re new builds, they’re ready for you to be the first people to move in and make it your own. You’ll be in good company too. As people move into the development for the first time, you can share the experience with them, together, without feeling like an outsider. You needn’t worry about your children feeling lonely in a new area. The chances are your neighbour’s children will be at the same school as yours, with great schools right next to our developments, like Stubley Meadows, for example. Your new neighbourhood will have a community feel straight away. Many families in our new homes keep in touch via Facebook or WhatsApp, socialising, having fun, and looking out for one another. Get to know your new neighbours, share stories and experiences: enjoy what your new home and surrounding area has to offer. It’s easy to make friends when you all have the same thing in common! Build the community together, without having to worry about ingratiating yourselves into an existing one. Moving into a ready-made village community is exciting for you and your whole family, even your pets!

Growing a family

Speaking of families, moving into a Russell Homes new build is an investment in your family. Our developments are built with the future of you and your family’s wellbeing in mind. They’re ready to live in straight from day one, so there’s no need to worry about time spent on repairs or DIY jobs and more time to enjoy it, together.

Our Saltersford and Bower Brook Gardens developments benefit from having parks and playgrounds built into them, so there’s lots for the little ones to do, and lots of opportunity for them to make new friends near to where you live. What’s more you have the peace of mind that your children are safe and sound in the playground, not having to stray far away.

There are fantastic opportunities for your children to learn and grow in your new community too. Great schools are very close to each of our developments in Cheshire and Greater Manchester, with lots of chances to add value and integrate in the community. Russell Homes have consciously involved schools in their developments to aid the children’s learning, and even involved sports teams to engage and enthuse the kids in the area. We believe in using every opportunity we can to build a close knit, supportive community for everyone.

Supporting each other

Our new developments are situated in some fantastic locations, with vibrant wider communities that you and your family can become a part of, too. We build close to the amenities you need, so you’re never far away from the good stuff your new town or village has to offer. Visit some of the restaurants and family pubs, shop small and support the local area by championing the businesses nearby. Make the most of the stunning rural areas, nature walks and local attractions for all the family on your doorstep.

We build developments that have your family and community life in mind from the start. The Oaks West Hopwood is designed with a multitude of facilities built into it, like schools, shops, multi-use games area even a running circuit!

There’s more to buying a home than just the bricks and mortar. You’re buying a lifestyle for you, your family and your future together. If you want to become a part of a growing community of like-minded people in safe, burgeoning areas; look no further than a Russell Homes new build.