Posted:28th May, 2021

Championing Local Businesses

Over the last year, we’ve all been reminded of the importance of community and supporting local independent businesses. Supporting local business creates more prosperous communities which is great for both new build development newcomers, and those who have lived in the community longer.

Keeping it local

When it comes to the positive economic impact of a new build development on a local community, it starts from the very beginning of the build. We are a Greater Manchester based business, so we like to use Greater Manchester based suppliers and trades to help create more jobs in the North.

Local businesses also benefit from increased patronage during the build of a development, from the sale of construction supplies to the morning breakfast run!

Shopping small

When you get the keys to your brand new home, you’ll find local shops within the vicinity of the development. That means when you need to pop out for some milk, your local corner shop is there for you, or when you would like a lovely Sunday Roast, you can go to the local butchers and for your afternoon stroll there’s plenty of indie retailers to browse.

When you spend your money at independent shops in your community, they then spend money elsewhere locally, like popping to the cafe on the corner after work. The money circulates around the community helping business to boom all around. Supporting the local economy helps the town you move into keep its community charm and personality and helps real people just like you.

There’s also the added benefit of boosting local businesses by supporting local charities at the same time. As with large businesses, small shops will also support charities. So when you spend your money with a local business, they donate to locally based charities which support projects in the area.

New build developments attract people and the people who move into the community go on to spend money at their local shops which subsequently helps to grow the local economy. If local community charm is something you like you can take a look at our Littleborough development here.