Posted:1st April, 2020

Cost-Effective Ways to Bring Spring Into Your Home

Spring is the perfect time for you to give your home a little bit of TLC. As the warmer weather arrives (hopefully), so do warmer colours and tones in our homes.

Springtime new build housing community
Greenbooth Village - Norden, Rochdale

Sometimes starting with a fresh canvas is the best way to get great results. That’s why we love sprucing up our new build properties so much.

Whether you’ve just moved onto one of our developments, or you’ve been in your home for a while, there are a variety of ways you can bring Spring inside, without breaking the bank.

Bring the outside in

It won’t come as a surprise that “Spring-time” gets its name from plants springing from the ground. Days are lighter, temperatures are warmer, and colours are in abundance - the perfect time to spruce up your home decor.

Whether you’re a Pinterest trend follower, or an Instagram dreamer; plants and flowers are consistent in imagery at this time of year.

If you’re one of the green fingered among us, then bringing things like lavender, daffodils or other flowers and greenery from your garden into your home always looks a treat. Failing that, there are so many indoor plants to match so many colour schemes available to purchase online while we’re confined to our homes, that you won’t know where to begin.

We recommend starting with something easy to look after that doesn’t need a great amount of care, for the busier (or more forgetful) individual. Easy to care for plants include aloe, cacti, or spider plants. IKEA also stock some great looking fake plants, for those of you who aren’t quite ready for the commitment of a real plant - they also deliver UK-wide.

Spruce up your dining table

Dining tables can often become a bit of a dumping ground, especially in busy households. With households working from home, this mess has now, more than likely, increased tenfold. Whether it’s homework, paperwork, laptops or washing ready to be ironed, clearing everything away and treating your table to a few simple accessories can make a huge difference.

We absolutely love the look of a light-coloured runner teamed up with some bright flowers and colourful placemats. Such simple accessories really give your dining table a much-needed facelift.

Scatter some colour around

Who doesn’t love a good scatter cushion? There are so many gorgeous vibrant colours on trend in the spring, giving you a varied palette to choose from.

Any online home stores are littered with choice, but we recommend sticking in line with the florals you’ve brought indoors, so the colour scheme flows and your home feels consistent and calm.

You don’t need to stop at cushions either - brightly coloured glassware in the kitchen or bathroom really brighten the place up too. We love adding candle tealights in for late nights in the garden too (on the rare occasion the weather allows this so early in the year).

Take advantage of the daylight

Everything looks nicer in the daylight, and using mirrors to reflect natural light adds a lovely touch and can also make a room or space look a whole lot bigger. Great areas to use mirrors are in parts of your home that only catch light in certain places, like entryways, hallways or on stairs. By using an assortment of reflective accessories, you can give the illusion of a much lighter, brighter space.

Get arty

The perfect way to brighten up large wall space is with art. Art doesn’t always have to break the bank, either. There are some gorgeous print designs available online, at stores like Etsy and Not on the High Street, that really add a lovely pop of colour to an otherwise lifeless wall.

Spring clean

With recent health scares, cleanliness has never been more important. Keeping this in mind, with more time at home than ever, it’s the perfect time to get that spring clean done.

We’re talking skirting boards, under the sofa and under the bed. These are the spaces that store so many germs, which often go forgotten.

Reducing dust and germs and increasing cleanliness will not only help you in the current climate, but will also give you a great sense of accomplishment at a time where these seem few and far between when you’re stuck indoors!

As the winter dust settles and the sun shines through, there’s never a more perfect time for a good spruce.

“Tidy house, tidy mind,” as the saying goes.

So, what will you be doing to bring a bit of Spring into your home?

We may be being biased here, but the fresh, clean palette of a new build is perfect at this time of year. If you’d like to have a look at the exciting developments available at the moment, head to the New Homes section of our website.