Posted:23rd January, 2023

Enjoy your new build home with your family

You’ve been looking forward to getting the keys for sooo long. It’s been stressful and challenging, but finally the day is here. You’ve got the keys to your new build home and you’re ready to start enjoying it!

Family in new home

Moving house is taxing for all the family (here’s our guide to making it easier), so you deserve to enjoy the results of all your hard work. Here’s how you can make the most of your new home with your loved ones.

Take a breath

You’ve been in ‘doing’ mode for such a long time making sure everything is ordered and organised for your move that it can be difficult to switch off. Remember to stop and enjoy it once in a while. Take some time out of the constant working and set aside some for yourself and your family. This is the part you can enjoy – the hard work is over and the fun begins. Make your house a home!

Do it together

It doesn’t have to mean you have to stop everything completely. You can include the whole family in the moving and make it fun. Involve the kids in unpacking and decorating by setting them goals and tasks to complete. Perhaps they could unpack their things and organise their rooms? They’ll relish the challenge and enjoy the freedom you’re giving them to make their own mark on the house together with you. This way the move is seen as something fun that the whole family are a part of, not just another chore that has to be completed on time.

Relax and enjoy

Your Russell Homes new build is fitted with brand new fittings and appliances so you can spend less time worrying about getting a new kitchen fitted, buying or repairing faulty appliances and more time enjoying your new home. They’re energy efficient too. Each appliance has a minimum ‘A’ efficiency rating, and all homes are well insulated from the front door all the way up to the loft! Obviously, this is a weight off your shoulders when it comes to the costs. You can manage your bills efficiently and enjoy a constantly cosy warm house with your family.

Start making memories

The house is bought, the move is done, now it’s time to start making happy memories with your family. Every room plays a part. The kid’s rooms where they play or get ready for their first day at one of the great schools nearby, and the kitchen and dining room where you can make homecooked meals and sit down to a family dinner together after a walk in the country or the along the canal paths. Cosy up in your lounge and watch film together before carrying the little ones up to bed after a perfect family day together.

See for yourself!

Come and view a Russell Homes new build home in Littleborough or Wincham and see what they have to offer for you and your family. We have two, three and four-bedroom family new build homes available on great new developments in safe, community neighbourhoods to be seen today. Talk to us today to find out more.