Posted:14th December, 2022

Getting your new build home ready for Christmas

If you’re moving into one of our new build homes in Rochdale this year, we’ve got some handy hints and recommendations to get your new home ready for the festive season. Read on to find out how you can make the move easier, even during the busy run up to Christmas.

House decorated festively

Discover some fantastic tips to get your new home ready in time for the big day, and some great activities to help you and your family get into the festive spirit in your new neighbourhood!

Do the essentials first

We’ve got some great hints on how to make your move as stress-free as possible, but there are a few extra considerations you need to bear in mind to make sure your move is smooth this Christmastime.

  • Have your essentials handy in a separate bag. It’s easy to get carried away with all the festive excitement, but what do you need more: your toothbrush and phone charger or your copy of Elf on the Shelf?
  • Consider the order you need to unpack. Get a quick win and do the bathroom first, it’s easier and essential. Better to get that finished than have fully resplendent Christmas tree but no towels and toothpaste.
  • Be realistic. You won’t be able to get it all done in a day and be sat with a mulled wine by dinnertime. Relax, take your time, enjoy the process, and have fun!
  • Don’t forget the details get your utilities sorted. You don’t want to be left cold this winter. Remember to change delivery addresses too, or Santa might end up delivering your presents to the wrong address!

Then you can enjoy it

Once you’ve got the essentials out of the way, it’s time to have some fun! All of our new build homes in Greater Manchester present you with a blank canvas to make your own, and Christmas is the perfect time to do it. Settle in and plan each room carefully. Have a look at this year’s trends, you could even create a mood board so when it comes to the time to do the decorating, you’re well organised and you can concentrate on enjoying seeing your ideas turn to reality!

If you’re purchasing your new build home at our development in Rochdale, you’ll find a local community that’s brimming with Christmas spirit. Head out into Littleborough and sample the festivities right on your doorstep. Support local businesses in your area by doing some Christmas shopping in its boutique shops, then reward all your hard work with a drink and some homemade food in one of Littleborough’s many independent pubs.

Our Stubley Meadows development is situated at the foot of the Pennines, an area of natural beauty with breath-taking views, prefect for some outdoor Christmas magic! Healey Dell Nature Reserve or around Hollingworth Lake are the perfect places to go for a festive family walk, unmissable if we’re lucky enough to get a white Christmas!

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