Posted:5th November, 2021

Go Eco, Buy Russell Homes

Find out how you and the planet could be benefitting from buying Russell Homes.

wooden house standing in greenery

Responsibly Sourced Materials

We believe that building ethical, eco-friendly homes starts at the very beginning. That’s why we make sure all of our materials are high-quality and responsibly sourced, because our duty of care applies to the materials we use.

Reducing Your Household Emissions

We build our homes following the most recent Housing Regulations, which means when you buy a Russell Home, you get the highest quality insulation materials, boilers, and ventilation systems. These are all significant contributors to lowering the co2 emissions of your home.

Efficiently Cosy Living

According to the Home Builders Federation, housing accounts for 30% of the UK’s energy use. Data shows that new build homes are significantly more energy-efficient than old homes and could save you around £700 a year on bills. By using the highest standard insulation, boilers and ventilation systems, you get a more energy-efficient home.

Energy Saving Lighting

Lighting your house accounts for 20% of your total energy bill, so we fit all of our homes with energy-efficient lighting fittings with low-wattage long-life bulbs. We make sure that your house is bright without compromising the environment.

Big Savings All Year

We reduce your fuel use by installing low carbon heating solutions. Because we make your house more efficient not only are you and your family being kinder to the environment, but your home is being kinder to your bank account. With that £700 you could be saving you could have a holiday or more savings for a rainy day.

Going Above and Beyond

We build all of our homes to have a minimum Energy Efficiency Grade A. This ensures your home is as energy efficient as possible, resulting in savings for you, and the planet.

Peace and Quiet

We reduce noise pollution by soundproofing our homes in ways that outperform standard construction methods, ensuring that the only noise your home gets is that of family life.

Keeping Things Green

While landscaping, we create an oasis of greenery, creating habitats and regenerating biodiversity, crucially protecting bees. As responsible housebuilders, we commit to replanting more trees as those which have to be felled as part of the construction project, to offset any environmental damage. We also try to find ways to design the layout around old oak trees and habitats that existed before us.

Always Bee Friendly

We work hard landscaping the private and public areas of our developments. During this process we make sure to include wildflowers and bee-friendly plants to help save the bees. It’s good for wildlife and pretty for you to enjoy. You could say it’s the bees knees.

Green Ethos

At Russell Homes sustainability is at the heart of what we do so we can continue to provide beautiful, eco-friendly and ethical homes for our communities.

It sounds good, right? To get your own eco-friendly new build Russell Home, register your interest for The Oaks or Brook View developments today.