Posted:7th August, 2019

Greenbooth Village shortlisted for design award

Rochdale Borough Council has recognised Greenbooth Village as one of the best developments in the area this year

Photograph of house at the entrance to Greenbooth Village Norden
The stunning entrance to Russell Homes’ Greenbooth Village

The new ‘hillside hamlet’ in Norden is one of only seven schemes shortlisted for this year’s Rochdale Borough Council Design Awards.

Members of the public are invited to vote for one of two award categories, the People’s Design Award, while a panel of experts will design the other, the Design Award.

The shortlisted development and regeneration projects have been nominated over the last year and, following the voting period, the winners will be announced at a special ceremony in October.

Daniel Kershaw, Russell Homes director, said: “Greenbooth Village is a very special place, and it’s a development we’re extremely proud of.

“We always felt that the regeneration of this old industrial site in the heart of the greenbelt would require a well-thought-out and sensitive scheme to enhance the area and create a beautiful new place for people to live.

“We believe we have achieved those aims with this development. Together with our architects we’ve designed a series of attractive properties, and finished them with a traditional stone in-keeping with the local area, and high quality fixtures and fittings. The whole development is beautifully landscaped with each house nicely orientated in its surroundings.

“The whole scheme overlooks Greenbooth Reservoir and the beautiful Pennine hills beyond, and has real visual appeal throughout. The strength of sales here demonstrates how popular it has been with buyers, and we’re delighted that the local council has selected it for the design awards shortlist.”

To vote for Greenbooh Village in the Rochdale Borough Council Design Awards: The People’s Design Award, click the link below.

Greenbooth Village, Rochdale Design Awards

Greenbooth Village is a new 'hillside hamlet' in Norden Rochdale GreenboothVillage 36 GreenboothVillage 5 Welcome to the award-winning Greenbooth Village from Russell Homes