Posted:1st March, 2023

Home Design Trends 2023

New year, new style, new home?

The Roberts kitchen diner

Whether you’re planning to up sticks and start afresh in a newbuild home this year or you’re staying put but want to inject something different into your interior décor, you’ll want to check out our nifty guide to home design trends for 2023.

Once the Christmas decs come down, the house can feel a little bare. What better time to review the fantastic blank canvas that is your home and start planning a new look for the rest of 2023?

A Russell Homes newbuild is ready for you and your family to start living in from day one.

Making the best possible use of light and space, it presents the perfect opportunity for you to put your own stamp on it.

Our advice? Keep it simple and effective. You really don’t need to start knocking down walls to make an impact, subtle changes or bold statements can both be achieved with minimum fuss. Read on for our summary of the best design trends coming up that make a big impact on your home with minimum stress and upheaval.

Colour and Shape

This year’s colours are all about drawing inspiration from natural sources. Indeed, Pantone’s colour of the year for 2023 is ‘Viva Magenta’. It’s a bold, vibrant colour taking inspiration from the red of the insect dye Cochineal - one of the strongest and brightest in the world.

In contrast are the earthier colours at the other end of the spectrum which will also have a place in the smart new homes of 2023. For example, terracotta and brown tones are making a comeback, like with our amazing new Roberts show home at Brook View in Wincham, bringing a sense of warmth and welcoming but perhaps most of all a reconnection to nature. It also complements the 1970s design trends that are on the up, though we’re not suggesting you should start shopping for platform shoes and flares just yet…

When it comes to shapes, it’s all about embracing your curves. Complementing (but not exclusive to) that 70s retro style, circular rugs, domed light shades, cosy booths and round tables and furniture are all on the agenda for home design in 2023.

Light and Space

A Russell Homes newbuild is designed to make optimum use of space and natural light. How you use this space? Well, that’s up to you. Over the past few years we’ve become used to working from home, working out from home and socialising at home more and more – so naturally your space needs to deliver the multifunction we demand from it.

Clever use of storage will help you get the most out of your space, turn the living room into the gym or the bedroom into the office with simple features like ottoman storage furniture or folding desks.

The light in your home can set the mood of calm, serenity and a true feeling of wellness throughout. In line with the warm natural colours we mentioned earlier, biodynamic lighting is a perfect way to complement these tones. It’s designed to mirror natural sunlight as much as possible in your home, giving you a welcome break from the blue light of the laptop screen or the harsh halogen lighting of the past.

Sustainable and Unique

A welcome addition to 2023’s design trends is increasing sustainability. Not only is it good for the planet, but it’s also good for the pocket. You don’t need to spend a fortune to create the look you want – hit the charity shops and eBay and fall in love with second hand furniture and all its quirks and character. The ‘flawsome’ trend in design is all about making perfect out of the imperfect. Rather than replacing a piece of furniture or hiding its marks or chips – embrace the imperfection and showcase them as part of your style.

There are lots of sustainable and reclaimed options available when looking for new furniture for your home this year. Rattan, cork, aluminium and bamboo are all examples of sustainable materials that are being used to create truly unique, bespoke furniture.

Brave and Beautiful

Whatever style you gravitate to, this year’s trends are encouraging us to be daring and embrace a blend of styles in the home. Find new ways of expressing yourself. Make bolder colour choices, experiment with design you’ve never tried before – have some fun!

A new build home from Russell Homes provides you with the perfect blank canvas to make your mark on this year. To find out more about our new developments in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area, get in touch today.