Posted:20th August, 2023

How To Make Your Garden Bloom In Your New Build Home

When you move into your new build home you’re so busy thinking about decorating indoors, putting roots down, and really making the new build house feel like your home that you neglect the garden.

But the garden space of your new build home is actually perfect for a gardening project. It comes as a large space with enough landscaping that it would be ready for a barbecue with some outdoor furniture added, but clear enough that you can put your own green stamp on it with some designing and elbow grease.

So whether you’re a seasoned greenfinger or a fairweather planter, you can make as much as you want out of your new build garden.

Here’s some ways to put a twist on your new build home’s garden.

1. Plant some idea seeds for your new build’s garden

The best way to get started is to get some inspiration, that way you can assess your garden and create a plan. Once you’ve got a plan in place for your outdoor space you can start your project. You don’t have to do it all at once either, you can do it bit by bit as time and money allows.

For getting inspiration we suggest magazines like House & Garden, Gardens Illustrated and Gardeners’ World for getting the ideas flowing. Make a mood board of styles on an online pinboard such as Pinterest, to create a treasure trove of dream garden ideas to come back to.

2. Pave the way to your new build home

The best place to start is with any permanent features you may want, such as a path, patio or wall. You want to get these in first to avoid getting bogged down every time you step outside. It’s also much easier to do before adding plants as you don’t need to worry about damaging your precious new blooms!

A curved path is one of our favourite permanent features because not only is it a great way to make a garden feel bigger, but it’s also a quick way to divide your garden into smaller areas that can be planted or used for seating.

3. Time to go flower picking for your new garden

Picking your flowers is the fun part, deciding what colours and blossoms you want to see in your outdoor space. You can choose aromatic plants such as fresh lemon verbena or sleepy lavender. Or perhaps some tall grasses like miscanthus that offer beauty and privacy. And if you’re really keen to get going you can opt for some fast growing plants like buddleia and lavatera.

Flowers and plants are a great way to breathe life into a garden - attracting bees, butterflies and a bunch of other pollinators buzzing around. Not only do the flowers make your garden look nice, but by supporting local pollinators you’re also helping support the wider ecosystem!

4. Find peas of mind with a vegetable patch at your new build home

Beautiful and functional is the humble vegetable patch. Not only is it healthy to have vegetables in their freshest and purest form, but it’s a great way to introduce new varieties, spend time with your loved ones and it could even save you money!

You can make space in any sized garden for a plot to grow. The easiest way to make your own vegetable patch is by using planters and sleepers. You can make a raised wooden planter with stakes and gravel boards or use railway sleepers to create an attractive raised bed. Either one will support you in growing your own delicious veg and it’s even easier than you might think.

5. Turn your new build home wild with a mini-grove

A mini-grove of trees could answer all of your landscaping dreams and if you choose to plant small trees then you won’t need as much space as you may think to create a beautiful forest-like grove.

Try a closely planted group of birches, their white trunks have a brightening effect and their foliage makes for a nice shady canopy which makes them ideal for a restful and private retreat in your own back garden. Add in some stepping stones leading up to a seating rock or wooden furniture to make your own magical path to serenity. Add in some wildflowers for an extra sprinkle of charm to impress your guests and neighbours!

If you’re looking to find a new build home with the perfect garden to grow into your own, take a look at our available plots at Stubley Meadows in Littleborough and Brook View in Cheshire.