Posted in: Latest News, 10th November, 2020

Moving Home in Lockdown

You’ve purchased and picked up your shiny keys for your glorious new Russell home but what happens next during the current Covid-19 lockdown?

The good news is that under current guidance you are still able to move home during the four-week lockdown which started on November 5th. Moving home during a lockdown is less than ideal, but there is guidance to help you do it safely.

1) If you are using a moving service

If you’ve booked movers, don’t worry as moving services are allowed to carry out procedures as normal. You may want to double-check with them that they are operating when you need them, with their Covid safe social distancing and hygiene measures in place. Once you’ve got the green light make sure to get their packing guidance beforehand as you will need to do the majority of packing by yourselves first.

2) If your movers are no longer available

If your moving service cancels on you, government guidelines state that you can have help from another household, but make sure that you are still social distancing and there are hygiene measures in place. Where possible, try to clean everything while packing to reduce the spread of bacteria from surfaces.

3) Moving long distance

If you’re moving from another area in the country, you are able to stay in accommodation overnight if necessary. It’s best to limit this if possible, but if not there is guidance about staying in places that are not your primary residence. Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts remain open for this reason and will be operating under Covid safe guidelines.

4) Stay safe

These guidelines have been put in place to reduce risk and keep you and others safe during this time. Try to keep contact with other households at a minimum and always operate socially distanced and hygienically. Remember to wear face masks, and to wash your hands regularly whilst keeping surfaces clean. The benefit to moving into your new Russell home is that it is a new build, and you will be the first residents living there so it will be clean and ready for you to move your belongings in.

5) Enjoy your new home!

Though moving can be stressful, particularly under a lockdown, once you’ve moved your belongings you’ll be ready to unpack and settle into your lovely new home - just in time for Christmas!