Posted in: Latest News, 8th February, 2021

The Trends For Home Offices You Should Lean Into In 2021

Last year saw offices across the UK close for national lockdown leaving thousands of workers working from home. Online marketplace Etsy reported an 858% increase in users searching for home office items alone.

As we step into 2021, it looks like WFH will be sticking around, so it’s worth investing some time in your workspace. Here are the top trends in 2021 to keep in mind:

Designated Office Space

You may be lucky enough to have a whole room dedicated to your home office, which is fantastic. For many, work from home has meant perching on the end of the kitchen table or squeezing into the corner of the living room or bedroom impacting comfort and work productivity. With the 9-5 now taking place in the same spaces we spend our evenings, it’s important to find separation. If you’re not able to create an office room, try finding a corner you can spare. You can add an easily movable room divider which will help to create physical and mental space for you to work.

Natural Lighting

There are many significant benefits to exposure to natural light during the workday. Natural light exposure helps your body adjust to the circadian rhythm, meaning you’ll be able to sleep better. It’s also better for your eyesight, our eyes work their best when exposed to the whole spectrum of natural light and will tire out less easily. Better sleep and healthier eyes will boost your productivity while working and contribute to your overall mental health. If you don’t have the option of natural light in your office space you can invest in some ‘full spectrum bulbs’ - they have the same balance as natural light and provide you with similar benefits.

Compact Furniture

Many have been working with small spaces for their 9-5, meaning a rise in popularity for the folding desk. When working with a small space, the rule to remember is to build up rather than out. To maximise your space you need smart storage solutions such as floating shelves, desks with drawers and cupboards, and small stylish chairs that double as dining room seating can all help you be economical with your space.

Splash of Colour

The emphasis on the 2021 home office is work wellness, as we try to keep spirits high. You don’t live in a corporate environment, so your office shouldn’t feel like one. Colour can impact your mood, so is an essential consideration in your office. Green will be a popular choice because it promotes relaxation, calmness, and it’s been suggested, has stress-reducing effects.

The garden office pod

Google reported an increase of more than double for searches on garden offices from March 2020. A garden office is a room separate from the house but built with premium materials, so it feels just as comfortable as your home but with the added benefit of being a separate space. The garden office is a great solution to your work from home issues. It’s a designated workspace, it solves the issue of ‘making room’ for an office at home plus you get additional privacy from the daily family hustle and bustle. Complete with heating, mini kitchens for regular tea and coffee flow, and sometimes even a bathroom, you can really recreate the comfort of an office in your own back garden.