Posted:11th August, 2021

Littleborough New Build Homes Being Kinder to the Environment

As an award-winning independent housebuilder, we take pride not only in the high standard of homes that we build but also our efforts towards sustainable new build houses.

red brick house with green garden in front

The Russell Process

When it comes to the materials that make a Russell home, we use only the very best. For example, we use timber to build our homes because it is non-toxic and durable. It’s been used in housebuilding for hundreds of years so we can guarantee its durability. It’s also a sustainable material as it grows quicker than it is felled, and it is also low in production energy meaning it doesn’t take much energy to turn it from tree to building timber.

Not only is the material itself sustainable, but when used in housebuilding makes for more eco-friendly homes. It is a better insulator than other materials like steel as it has thousands of tiny air pockets. This means homes built with timber are more energy efficient, which is better for the planet and contributes to cheaper running costs which is better for your budget.

Green Spaces for the Community

When it came to planning the Littleborough community, we factored in green spaces for the community to enjoy and to benefit the environment we were developing in. We’ve kept a large open green space at the bottom of the development, which provides a vast view for members of the community. There will be other outdoor spaces to enjoy, including a children’s play area for families to enjoy together.

Once the development has been completed we will have planted over 120 new trees, which are not only wonderful to look at, but will provide shady spots for a sunny afternoon and are kind to the environment. In addition, all of the landscaping in the green areas will include bee-friendly plants and flowers to support bee activities.

You can find your idyllic new build Russell home with beautiful green spaces here.