Posted:29th June, 2021

Living the Nordic way in your new build home’s garden

For the past year, gardens have been one of our only outdoor spots, visited out of necessity to get outside. But now let’s spend time in our gardens because we really want to instead.

Friluftsliv (Free-loofts-liv)

This is the Scandinavian philosophy of outdoor living and connecting with nature. There are many benefits to being outdoors, including reduced stress, improved mood and time for mindfulness and self. Friluftsliv is an integral part of Scandinavian life and a way to happiness which you could be experiencing it in your own back garden! Here’s how.

Eat Al Fresco

Eating outdoors is great for so many reasons. There’s no devices around, so it gives you a chance to tune out from the world and tune in to what’s right in front of you. When dining outdoors, you’re able to enjoy a myriad of sensory experiences with new scents, visuals and sounds from the great outdoors. Do yourself a favour and cook your favourite meal, head out into your garden and enjoy yourself. If you don’t have an outdoor dining set then grab your favourite blanket, some cushions and enjoy the feeling of the grass beneath you instead.

Catch The Sunset

Perhaps after your al fresco dinner you could switch on outdoor lighting, snuggle up with a blanket and watch the sun set in the sky. It’s a perfect opportunity to check in with yourself and switch off from the stresses of work and responsibilities and just be in the present. The best part is you’ll get to catch the picturesque orange skies setting over your home and welcome in the evening.

Embrace The Weather

The UK weather can be unpredictable, especially in the north, but you can still connect with nature and enjoy your garden on a soggy or crisp day. You could really connect with nature by growing a green canopy. It won’t help you straight away but is a great active way to enjoy the outdoors and has a beautiful end result. If growing isn’t for you, there are plenty of rain shelters and porches that can be raised to keep you dry while listening to the raindrops.

If cold is the problem, take more inspiration from the Scandinavian way, wrap up in woolly layers, find your snuggliest blanket, and get cosy by an outdoor heater.

If you’re looking for a way to show your garden some TLC before embracing the Nordic way, you can always check out our blog for ideas.