Posted:10th March, 2021

Local Littleborough

The location of Littleborough is one of the reasons we chose it for our new development. It has fantastic commuter links and stunning Pennine views. It’s also home to many bustling independent businesses. There are many benefits to shopping small in Littleborough, here are a few for you:

Boosting Local Economy

Local businesses are the backbone of the British economy and the villages they occupy, and Littleborough’s indie businesses are no exception. Shopping at your local baker means they’ll go and have a drink at your local pub, and the landlord then goes and buys from the local butcher and so on. The money circulates through the local economy, allowing the community to thrive.

Personality and Character

Littleborough’s local independents aren’t owned by boards, stockholders and algorithms. They’re owned and run by real people and their families who also live in the community. You can’t beat the personal touch of a shopkeeper who knows your name, whose children go to school with yours and who knows everyone else in the neighbourhood. Local businesses offer the community a warm personality and charm, and there’s always a lovely smile behind the counter.

Local Shops Supporting Local Charities

Buying locally means you’re supporting your community in more ways than you realise. Many independent businesses support their local charities, so when you support one, you’re also supporting the other. Of course, many large chain companies also support charities, but with local businesses they’re often supporting charities and projects relevant to the area and the community you live in.

Local Littleborough

When we build in a new community, we try to support the local economy as best we can. Our Littleborough development is listed with the fantastic Andrew Kelly & Associates. They have over 30 years experience in the local area and are just as passionate about finding people homes they love, in communities they want to live in as much as we do. Over the years, they’ve helped thousands of people move into their new home, bringing many new people into the community.

The best part about keeping it local in Littleborough is taking a stroll down the family-owned local Village Bakery and heading over to Cryers Butchers, who source all of their meat from the local area. When you head home, you’ll have the best locally sourced bacon butty for breakfast in your brand new Russell Home.

If the local community life and independent business charm sounds like a place you’d like to make home, we still have some Littleborough plots available to reserve today.