Posted:5th September, 2022

Make your new build house a home.

There’s lots to get excited about when moving into your new house. A Russell Homes new build is a blank canvas, ready and waiting for you to be the first to make your mark on it. It’s an opportunity to get creative, find your style and showcase your personality!

Stubley Meadows Kenyon Master Bedroom

Here are some of our top design tips and ideas to consider when you’re making a new build home your own. Read on and be inspired!

Ready when you are

As soon as you get the keys, your house is ready for you. It’s a huge weight off your shoulders knowing that your house is ready to be lived in from the day you walk through the front door. No damage to repair, no discoveries of damp or essential structural repairs or fretting that the surveyor might have missed something. No ghastly 1970s avocado bathroom suite to rip out and start again. No leaks, draughts or pests. No disruption to you or your family’s life. No nightmares about hidden costs or having to find the contractors, time and money for essential works. No worries. It’s all good to go.

Design considerations

Marrying colour and light

Russell Homes new builds make exceptionally good use of natural light throughout. Take the time to notice how light behaves in your home, day to night, room to room. Before you splash colour on a wall, test a little area first and see how it looks in different lights.

Consider the artificial lighting you add to the space as well. Warm or cool lighting can really dictate the mood in a room. Consider using softer, warmer lighting in rooms where you’ll relax such as the bedroom or your lounge. Focussed lighting is better suited to areas in which you need attention drawing to features or require concentration, such as your office or the kitchen.


Our homes are designed with your lifestyle in mind. Just like the décor, the space is yours to make your own, have fun and get creative with a layout that works perfectly for you. Consider what you want from each room. Will it be a place to relax in solitude? Will it be a place to entertain guests or will it be a place for the little ones to play? Create a floorplan for each of your rooms to get a great idea of how your space will work before you start. Just don’t forget to leave some space for yourselves!

Texture and the finishing touches

Colour, light and space are vital, but don’t overlook the capacity accessories and furnishings have to provide depth and texture to your rooms. Your favourite piece of art could be either the all-important finishing touch, or perhaps the centre piece around which you base your entire design. Accessories add colour and character instantly. House plants help to blend the indoors with the outdoors, cosy throws and blankets add soft textures, lamps and candles give your spaces a different mood and scent and your favourite rug could really tie the room together.

Plan, plan, plan.

New build homes need a bit of time to settle, just like you and your family do. Use this time to plan your attack. Mood boards, scrapbooks and Pinterest are all your friends at this stage. Think about the order you’ll work in– what’s more important to you? You might see loads of potential for a room to become a future nursery in the long-term, but perhaps your own bedroom is more important in the short term?

There’s a temptation to jump straight in, like making footprints in fresh snow. Don’t do it! Be patient and find the style that works for you and makes you happiest. We’re all for reinvention, but try not to get suckered in by fads and fleeting trends – it’s your house for life, don’t base your design around something you know you won’t be happy with in 6 months.

Take your time, enjoy the process, make it your own.

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