Posted:19th May, 2023

New Build Homes for First Time Buyers

There’s lots to think about when you’re looking to buy your first house. Budget, location, neighbourhood, size… and much more besides. One big factor for first time buyers to consider is the debate between buying an older property or going for a brand-new house.

Stubley Meadows

We have an outstanding range of newbuild homes in Greater Manchester and believe they provide the very best option for first time buyers.

Here’s why…

They’re new

Sounds obvious, we know, but that is one of the first and best things about a newbuild home – you’ll be the first to own it, the first to make your mark. With no previous occupiers there’s no dust and grime to clean, no leaks or drips to deal with, and no ghastly avocado bathroom suite to rip out and replace. It’s brand new and yours to do with as you please.

All our new build homes in Greater Manchester are ready to move into from the day you get the keys. They’re packed full of brand new energy efficient appliances, sparkling new fixtures and fittings throughout, clean and welcoming. You can move in with minimum fuss and stress, and start enjoying your house from day one.

Without having to invest money on repairs or renovations, you can start to have fun with design and décor straight away. And because everything is brand new, you get the peace of mind that comes with warranties and guarantees on everything from the house, to the fixtures and fittings and appliances.

They’re easier

When you buy one of our new build homes in Greater Manchester, there’s no moving chain to worry about. That means you don’t have to factor in multiple sellers slowing the process down while they arrange their own purchase and there’ll be no sleepless nights worrying about being ‘gazumped’ in the process.

Of course, older properties have their quirks and characteristics, but a newbuild is ready for today’s lifestyle right from the first day. Our newbuild homes in Greater Manchester all benefit from careful design to maximum use of light and space.

They can save you money

In today’s economic climate, energy efficiency is vitally important to keeping your costs under control. A new build home gives you the best possible start to running an energy efficient house, keeping it comfortable and enjoyable without the worry of inefficient boilers and appliances, niggling draughts and damp. In fact, with a newbuild home you could save up to £3100 per year on your energy bills. We don’t need to tell you how important that could be at the moment.

Alongside the high-spec energy efficient appliances, responsibly sourced materials, quality insulation, brand new boilers etc, there are other savings to be made from a newbuild home from Russell Homes.

You can choose to upgrade elements of the design of the house such as tiles, fixtures and finishings before you even get the keys. It’s truly a blank canvas for you to add your own touch of style to, straight away.

If you like the sound of all the benefits a new build has to offer, we have some fantastic new build homes in Greater Manchester ready for you to view today. Get in touch to arrange a viewing and find out more.

Government support

While the super successful Help to Buy scheme may have come to an end, there is still government support for first time buyers.

The biggest boost is the Stamp Duty relief which will save you thousands in tax.

This means you’ll pay:

  • no SDLT up to £425,000
  • 5% SDLT on the portion from £425,001 to £625,000

You’re eligible if you, and anyone else you’re buying with, are first-time buyers.

For example, first time buyers of The Bower at Stubley Meadows, which is on the market for £349,995, will save £7,100 and pay no Stamp Duty at all.

Some aspects of the Help to Buy scheme are still in play. If you opened a Help to Buy ISA before they closed in 2019, you can still use it to save for a deposit towards a new home until 2030. This could net you £3000 from the government to top up a savings pot of £12,000.

The Lifetime ISA also promises to boost your savings with a lump sum from the government. Both are worth exploring with an Independent Financial Advisor such as Rachel Davies at Just Mortgages and Dave Winnard from Business Choices LTD.

Help on Hand

One of the biggest benefits of buying a new build home from Russell Homes is the support you’ll receive from your sales advisor. Great customer care is an integral part of the sales process for us here at Russell Homes. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy with our respectful approach and our fabulous, friendly and professional advisors.

As a first time buyer we understand the process can be daunting and we’ll be there to help and explain, every step of the way.

“Buying with Russell Homes was really straightforward and Jackie was fantastic with us and my parents, who can’t speak highly enough of her. She was always available and quick in answering our questions and made the process quite painless for all of us.”

Stephanie Kershaw, Stubley Meadows December 2022.