Posted:27th October, 2020

New Build Properties: An Investment in Your Family

When thinking about your new home, there are lots of factors to consider. For families, choosing a new build could help to make finding a new home just a little bit easier.

  1. They’re designed and built with modern needs in mind. This means they come with great design aspects such as a downstairs toilet (which helps reduce the stress of the morning rush!), rooms for a baby, and outside space for children’s playtime and adult’s downtime. All of this is designed within a modern open living space that’s a blank slate for you to stamp your family’s personality on.

  2. They’re fresh and ready for you to move into. Purchasing a new build can significantly reduce the stress of moving in, for many reasons. Not only is it fresh and ready for your own interior design ideas but there’s no ‘moving chain’ because there’s nobody already occupying the property, so it’s ready for you to get in and make your mark.

  3. The new community. When moving into a new housing development, there will be many other’s moving in when you do, meaning it is more likely to have a community feel right from the start. There’s no need to worry about integrating with an already established community as you are all in the same boat and will have lots in common, such as which fixtures and fittings you have chosen. At Russell Homes, we care about the communities that we create, which is why the majority of our estates have a public outdoor feature for community use, families to meet and children to play.

  4. High-spec builds that are kinder to the planet. New builds must comply with the most up-to-date building regulations set by the government. This means the most modern heating systems and loft insulation, which is why new builds are considered energy efficient generating up to 60% less carbon monoxide than an older home, reducing your regular bills and maintenance. Most of all, energy-efficient means eco-friendly, helping to make your family’s future a little bit greener.

  5. Less fixing time, more family time. When you purchase a new build home you get a home that is brand new just for you. No more spending evenings fixing leaky taps or weekends wasted on DIY tasks. Your brand new house is ready from the very start to be your family home which means you spend less time fixing and more time to enjoy with your family.

So when do you want to pick up the keys? We know that a new build is the perfect fit for any family, so go and register your interest in our Littleborough development today.