Posted:19th May, 2022

New Build Trends of 2022

Now that 2022 is well underway, we wanted to take a look at some of the new build home trends emerging this year.

Stubley Meadows new build show homes

As the seasons change a new build home from Russell Homes has so much to offer. Our new developments are designed intelligently and efficiently to make the most of your space, so you can enjoy every aspect of your new home.

More and more of us are looking to utilise our homes as a place of work as well as a place of rest and recreation. This year’s most popular interior design ideas help you to enjoy the very best of your home for all of life’s needs.


When it comes to the design of our homes, versatility is vital. We’re demanding more and more from our living space for ourselves, our families our friends and our careers.

  • The Home Office We discussed hybrid working possibilities in a Russell Homes new build here, and considered some of the design options here, too. Making the most of your space by creating a distinct and separate workspace from your personal space is a necessary and popular design trend in our new build homes. Using folding walls or dividers are a great way of cordoning off a part of your home where you can concentrate, free of distraction.

  • Eco-Friendly and Wallet-Friendly Energy efficiency has never been a hotter topic than it is right now. With the cost of living rising, energy bills are more worrisome than ever for the homeowner. Russell Homes’ new developments benefit from being Grade A energy efficient homes. And they boast charging points for hybrid or fully electric cars to help the environment and the bills, too.


Continuing with the themes of versatility and amalgamation, interior design trends are blending concepts, textures and tones to produce design and décor that works for your home on a number of levels.

  • Colours and Tones
    Biophilic design (coming from the word biophilia, meaning a love of nature) is on the rise this year, bringing the colours tones and textures of nature into the home. Green tones along with some obvious links to nature, are in the centre of the colour spectrum, offering restful neutrality. Earthy tones, like olives and dark greys are replacing the monotony of beiges and magnolias- with décor concepts like colour drenching (single colour painting of all walls and ceiling) making bold and interesting statements.
  • Shapes and Textures Bringing a little more than just the colour of your home to life, great use of space and varied, interesting textures can help you get the environment you’re looking for in your new home. Textured wallpapers, fabrics, aged and upcycled furniture all break up the neutrality of colour and add intrigue. On the flip side, trends in 2022 like ‘Japandi’ are blending classic, pared back interior design traits of Japan and Scandinavia, using lots of natural light combined with light and dark woods and clean lines.


After the pandemic, so many of us reconnected with the outdoors since it was our only opportunity for connection with anyone outside our home for such a long time. Eager not to lose touch with nature, new build trends in 2022 are looking to the garden to make the most of your great outdoors.

  • Rewilding and Upcycling Made popular during the pandemic, the concept of rewilding is about getting back to nature at its most natural, and it’s being incorporated into landscape design in 2022. Well curated wild gardens not only look impressive, but they create an ecosystem for bees, butterflies, birds and more. Upcycling old furniture and materials is in vogue, as people look to express their creativity, personalise their space, reduce their carbon footprint and save money too.

  • Inside and Out Blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors, landscapers and designers are creating outdoor ‘rooms’ by incorporating elements of interior design to your exterior. Perfect for maximising your space, adding a place of solitude perhaps to work or indeed a place to escape and enjoy time with friends and family.

So that’s our view of the new build trends this year. If you’re looking for a new build home, have a look at the new developments Russell Homes has to offer.