Posted:28th September, 2019

What it’s really like living on a newly built housing development

Deciding whether or not to buy a property on a newly built housing development can be a difficult decision to make. How do you know what the house will look like? What are the neighbours going to be like? Are people happy living there?

It is a relative unknown as, unlike if you are buying a house already built and lived in, you can’t ask the surrounding neighbours, or go to the local pub to get a feel for the area and its people.

There are benefits to living on a newly built housing development in comparison to an already established community. When you move into your home, all of your neighbours will be moving in at the same time, you all have common ground (the houses, floor tiles, lighting etc) and therefore it can be easier to make friends as everyone is in the same boat. The result of this is a village-like community right from the start.

Newly built housing developments also often have facilities really close by, which means you won’t have to travel far to pick up the milk that you forgot on the weekly shop. The housebuilder is usually onsite as well which can be pretty helpful if you need anything sorted in the house.

There are, of course, some negatives to living on a newly built housing development, such as the fact that the road won’t be completed until all of the houses are finished, causing dust, noise and disruption. The upside to this is that Russell Homes is aware of this issue and employs road sweepers to combat this and the work is usually carried out during working hours to minimise disruption.

So if you are looking to move to a place with an instant village-like community, and facilities close by for that emergency dash for tea bags, a newly built housing development could be the perfect choice for you.