Posted:17th December, 2020

What to look for in your New Build home post-Covid

At the beginning of the year, the way we live from day-to-day changed significantly, and with the majority of people now spending more time at home than ever before our needs for our dream home have changed. So what should you be looking for in your new build post-Covid?

The Millward Saltersford Gardens

Home Workspace

The home office trend has made a comeback this year with more and more people working from home. Many set up a mini-office at the end of their dining room tables, some find themselves cramped in a dark corner of their bedroom. Neither are particularly ideal, especially since remote working could become a permanent fixture in working life, so make sure you visualise your home working space when you’re looking for your new build home.

Antibacterial Environment

The last year has placed lots of attention on reducing the spread of bacteria and the prevention of infection, so it’s no surprise that this is becoming a key feature in the design of homes. An antibacterial friendly home environment may include automatic sinks and touchless flushing toilets in bathrooms. Kitchens may also be fitted with voice-activated appliances, like kitchen taps, which reduce contact and germ spreading.

Open Plan Spaces

Open plan living has been a staple of design over the last few years, but it’s now more important than ever. Open-plan encourages airflow, which we now know has a significant impact on the spread of viruses. When looking for an open plan home you may want to consider large windows. Using natural light during the day is kinder to your energy bills because it’s more eco-friendly, and it’s beneficial to your mental health, providing you with essential vitamin D even when you’re stuck at home.

Outdoor space

In a pre-Covid world many of us may have taken outdoor spaces for granted, but with the national lockdown came a newfound appreciation of our home’s greenery. Whether it’s a place for the children to play and explore or a quiet space for reading, gardening and relaxation, there are considerable benefits to having your very own outdoor space at home.