Posted:28th September, 2019

Why a new build home gives a little bit of luxury

Making the decision to purchase a new build property as your next home can be a big one, but a decision that can add a little more luxury to your life in different ways.

When buying a new build house, you will have the luxury of the peace of mind that comes with the ten year building guarantee. You can also relax in the knowledge that your home is built to the latest standards and regulations, meaning you shouldn’t have to worry about repairs for a while. Should there be any issues, as unlikely as these are, such as an unexpected leak developing or your heating doesn’t work properly due to a faulty pipe, we will fix it without cost to you.

Another little bit of added luxury is that you don’t have to do any renovation work on a new build home, you can just move in, unpack and relax. No worrying about having to organise someone to come and repoint the side of the house, or the cost and hassle of repairing a leaky roof. Instead, you can sit back, have a brew and enjoy your new home from the moment you move in.

One of the biggest downsides to buying a pre-owned house is the hideous curtain rails and wallpaper that may not be to your taste. Buying a luxury new build home means no redecorating and the extra costs in both time and money that come along with it.

Not only will you be the first person to live in your new home, as part of the process you are often able to get creative and choose the fittings for your luxury new build. This gives you the opportunity to create a unique look and feel for your new home, all before you walk through the door.