Posted:22nd November, 2022

Your new build winter wonderland

As the autumn months come to an end, the weather gets colder and the nights darker, earlier. Naturally we look to spend some more time indoors. So, how can you create the perfect winter hibernation den for you and your family?

Spacious master en suite bedroom

Here we bring you some tips, techniques and suggestions to make your new build a cosy wonderland this winter.


Layers Easy to add. Easy to remove. It’s the simplest way of bringing about significant, non-permanent change in your home. Adding cushions, rugs, cosy blankets and throws that you can all snuggle up to is perfect for the winter.

Materials The materials you use dictate the feel and theme right from the outset. Create your own log-cabin effect with fluffy furnishings and wooden ornaments. Or soften up your rooms with comfortable fabrics like linen and cotton.

Colour Embrace the winter months with a colour palate that complements the season. Move away from the light, pastel tones of summer and opt for luxurious deeper, richer colours like reds, oranges and browns in the colder months.

Lighting When it comes to winter lighting in your home, it’s all about creating a feeling of warmth. Since you can’t depend on natural light from outside into the evening, give your home a glow by swapping out any cooler blue bulbs with warmer light. Of course, there’s no better warm light source than candles, and scented candles can add yet more dimensions to your cosy environment.

Consider Each Room

Kitchen and Dining Room The hub of your home. It’s where you share your meals with family and friends, and it’s a great place to bring in some seasonal accents. Consider decorating the dining table for the winter to set the tone and make an impression when you’re entertaining.

Lounge Moving into the lounge, the perfect place to get warm and cosy with your friends and family this winter. Even if you don’t have a roaring fire, you can create a fireplace centrepiece that sets the room up perfectly with rustic touches like candles, lamps, logs and branches.

Bedroom Your final destination in cosy décor for your new build home this winter, so don’t ignore it! More blankets and throws and soft lighting works wonders here, perfect for curling up with a book before a warm and peaceful sleep.

Embrace the lifestyle.

Keeping happy and cosy this winter is about more than just decorating your home. It’s about adopting a lifestyle of comfort and happiness, embracing everything the winter has to offer. Nothing sums it up better than the Danish idea of hygge.

“Hygge. Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this Danish concept cannot be translated to one single word but encompasses a feeling of cosy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life.”

Make your new build home a place that brings you joy this wintertime and fully immerse yourself in the hygge lifestyle. Have fun and get creative with your winter décor ideas; a new build house from Russell Homes grows with you and your family in all seasons. Have a look at our new developments here and see for yourself.